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Magnet Fishing

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a Treasure Hunter, this is your trip!  “Magnet fishing” is our Newest Carolina Beach family adventure which has absolutely spellbound the folks! Kids, teenagers and parents all have raved about how much fun it is! You just never know what you are going to “catch and land!” There are plenty of unique “Treasures” awaiting our discovery.

We use strong magnets attached to a heavy line which we throw out next to a dock or some other water where we think some work or material action may have taken place recently. Letting the magnet sink to the bottom, and then slowly retrieving the magnet across the bottom of the waterways, we have found various tools, artifacts, metals of all kind, fishing reels and rods, and junk too numerous to name… it is a never ending “treasure hunt!” You just never know what we’ll pull up from the bottom of our waters!…..and absolutely nothing would surprise me….And it is your treasure to keep!

Simple, enjoyable, and just plain fun, even the smallest child can toss out the line and magnet and retrieve the line and toss it out again! Once again, you just never know what you’ll “catch!”

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