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We are proud to announce that “Capt. Charlie’s Adventures” has now expanded many of our Adventures to become a Homeschool Learning Experience.

Our Shark’s Tooth Island trip, Alligator Creek, and the Historical tour of the Cape Fear River remain our strongest homeschool trips. The students we have carried have thoroughly enjoyed these outings and their settings and learned much while on the water. With continuing education that is done at home or back in the class, these Adventures are proving outstanding in helping educate our children. They are first “living the water experience” and then follow up the science and history behind these activities in the classroom.

To add to our exceptional water based programs, we now are offering land based experiences! Jill Priest our leader has a biology degree from Rutgers University and is a true outdoor person. Jill will now lead our land based adventures to study the 5 Carnivorous Plants that grow wild and are only Native to our South East NC area. Carolina Beach State Park is an extremely diverse biomass and Jill does a great job of teaching and educating our home school youth. Through her programs in the beautiful woods of our State Park, our students learn of our state and regions unique environment!

We encourage the “Captain and the Crew” concept where we carry one adult leader (the Captain) and the Crew (up to five students) on our trips! These small groups make for plenty of individual attention, interaction, and challenging discussions…..And of course LOTS of FUN!

This “Adventure Outing” is a perfect event that many homeschoolers and their leaders could use as an outdoor experience, educational, and science oriented day long mini-camp. A half day Adventure on the water followed by a picnic lunch that you bring to the Carolina Beach State Park facilities followed by an afternoon nature hike Adventure exploring the woods and unique flora would be an enriching, exciting, and most rewarding educational experience for kids and leaders from first grade on up to high school aged students. Think of the educational opportunities and the follow up educational studies this type of trip could provide for your class and homeschoolers!

If you would like to enjoy a “Homeschooler’s Educational Day” with Capt. Charlie and Jill, please give us a call for details and scheduling……… If you have a larger group than 6 total persons, we can arrange for an extra boat or boats at a reasonable additional expense to carry your larger group with ample advance notice.

Call (910) 262-3474 For More Info!