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Crabbing Adventure


Our Carolina Beach Crabbing Trips are done on the nearby bays and channels that surround our area with a “trot line” baited with “Chicken Necks” or fish heads!  We also use individual baits tied onto separate weighted lines we cast into the waters where we let the bait soak for a short while and then retrieve the line slowly and use a dip net to scoop our crabs!  You gotta be quick with the Scoop!…and that’s half the fun! Kids love wading the shallows and pulling the lines in hopes of catching the “Biggun!” Boiling these crabs up is some great eating too! We can provide information on how to cook and prepare your crabs for a wonderful meal!

Rewarding, fun, and family oriented, this Carolina Beach Crabbing Adventure is fun and a perfect day for one and all! 

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