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Carolina Beach Clamming Adventure


A Fun family adventure that produces some real “dirty” fun in the Carolina sun and a couple of fantastic meals to boot is our Clamming trip! We gather our clams with clam rakes or “Groubble” the clams with our bare hands or toes on the nearby sandy Clam Flats, and if we get a little muddy, we just wash off in the warm Atlantic waters! Fun for all ages and just a great time on the waters and playing in the sand…. The whole family gets involved in this adventure!

Many never get to experience or know the joy of being a hunter/gatherer and satisfying each human’s primitive survival instincts but this activity will put you in touch with your inner self. Rewarding, fun, safe, and family oriented, Clamming is a perfect meal producing Adventure for one and all!

These clamming trips are best scheduled around a lower tide so call and we will make sure you get the best tide for the most action on the water!

Call (910) 262-3474 For More Info!